Legal services provided to government agencies :

1- Reviewing government contracts legally.
2- Preparing, drafting and studying contracts for government entities that enter into agreements with companies or banks.
3- Preparing organizational and developmental studies for the work of the governmental body.
4- Direct all legal procedures of government agencies.
5- Provide legal advice regarding the rules and regulations of government agencies.
6- Provide legal advice in all problems, allegations, and participate in the necessary investigations.
7- Participating in the committees formed within the administration to cover the legal aspect if necessary, as directed by the authority of the government authority.
8- Representing the government body before the Shari'a courts, the Board of Grievances, and the judicial and arbitration committees.
9- Any other tasks assigned to it in its field of competence.
10- Supervising the studies and the conduct of the organizations and the developmental work of the government agencies.

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