Holistic Legal Services :

Financial and banking law:
1- Providing legal advice related to banks and finance companies.
2- Working and reviewing the contracts of portfolios and funds for investment.
3- Work and review securities.
4- Work and review contracts guarantees and guarantees.
5- Working and reviewing Sukuk contracts.
6- Issuing statutory licenses for derivatives.
7- Work and review of banking products contracts.
8- Advocacy in financial and banking cases.

Commercial Law:
1- Providing legal and legal advice related to commercial companies.
2- Working and drafting agreements and commercial contracts.
3- Business, establishment and registration of commercial companies.
4- Corporate restructuring, mergers and acquisitions.
5- Work and draft legal documents related to the activity.
6- Drafting board decisions and representation.
7- Work and register foreign companies and prepare their contracts.
8- Business and registration of trademarks and commercial agencies.
9- Liquidation of companies.
10- Advocacy in commercial case.

civil law:
1- Rights disputes.
2- Judicial guardianship.
3- Division of inheritance.
4- Work and review of civil contracts and legitimacy.
5- Advocacy in civil cases.
6- work and workers:
7- Providing legal advice on labor and workers.
8- Work and review employment contracts and internal regulations.
9- Conduct internal and private investigations and recommend sanctions.
10- Advocacy in labor cases.

1- The work of legal consultations related to commercial and cooperative insurance.
2- Work and formulate cooperative insurance and reinsurance contracts.
3- Advocacy in insurance cases.
4- International Trade Law.
5- Legal advice on international trade law.
6- Work, formulate and review international trade agreements.
7- Registration of the concession.
8- Employment of privatization contracts.
9- Arbitration, reconciliation and conciliation:
10- To discuss the possibility of an amicable solution.
11- Arbitration in commercial, financial and banking matters.
12- Preparation and preparation of arbitration disputes.
13- Pleading before arbitral tribunals.

Criminal Law:
1- Providing legal and legal advice.
2- Fraud, embezzlement and bribery cases.
3- Assault on self and money.
4- Advocacy in criminal cases.
5- Administrative Law:
6- Providing legal and legal advice.
7- Appeal administrative decisions.
8- Making grievances against decisions and violations.
9- Advocacy in cases, claims and administrative damages.

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